Garrix experienced firsthand the dangers of big label contracts and the downfalls of traditional label models. The contrasting statements from Martin Garrix and Spinnin’ Records revealed that the wunderkind’s split from the label and MusicAllstars Management was due to prolonged disputes over ownership rights.

Back in August, Garrix directly expressed his contention and his decision to finally leave inan official statement saying, “I’m extremely disappointed that the discussions have not led to a change in the agreements or return of the ownership rights, and that is why I nullified them. “ While Spinnin’ Records statement claimed “[They] were plainly willing to meet Martijn in his wishes to negotiate the current agreements in his favor. Hereby [they] also confirmed transfer of ownership. Yet Martijn decided to unilaterally end the cooperation…”

Although Garrix’s lawyer would not comment, a highly-cited Dutch report from De Telegraafsaid the 19-year-old producer has filed a lawsuit against his manager, Eelko van Kooten, for deceitfully alluring him into an undesirable contract with “false and misleading information.” He will reportedly be demanding restitution of the rights to his music.

A month after the altercation was publicized, Garrix announced in an interview during ADE,“since I’ve recently broke up with my label, I’m gonna try to give more songs away for free,”making the independent label route seem imminent for the young EDM sensation.

And then finally… during an appearance on the Dutch TV show DINO, Garrix officially announced that he would be launching his own label imprint confirming, “The label is coming, it’s my own label” and also revealing, “I want different genres, not just one.”

Despite the split and preparations for his own label, Garrix is still finding time to hit the studio, teasing a collaboration with Dyro as well as a collaboration with the lead singer ofWalk the Moon.

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