Counterpoint Is Not Returning In 2016

Counterpoint Is Not Returning In 2016

Atlanta area festivals are having a difficult 2016. First, TomorrowWorld broke the news that it would be taking 2016 off from its location in Chattahoochee Hills and now news comes thatCounterpoint will not return to Kingston Downs this spring. The festival assured fans that they are exploring multiple options for the festival’s return and asked for people to stay tuned.

The most interesting thing about all this is that Counterpoint preceded TomorrowWorld on the Chattahoochee Hills property in 2012. The festival then collaborated with TomorrowWorld when the ID&T festival took over the property, and Counterpoint moved and switched its focus to more of a multi-genre festival. Now Imagine Festival and Shaky Beats are the only remaining Atlanta area festivals on the horizon. Here’s hoping the event can also return some time soon. Here is theofficial statement from the festival:

Sadly, CounterPoint will not be returning to Kingston Downs this Spring. 

Rest assured we are working on several options concerning the festival’s return. As the year continues we ask that you remember to embody the ideals the festival was founded on: break out of the mold, continue to think differently and always, always be the CounterPoint. 

Stay tuned…

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