Sony Is Developing Headphones That Don’t Touch Your Ears

Sony Is Developing Headphones That Don’t Touch Your Ears


Most of us love SXSW because of the countless music showcases, but it’s important to remember that the event is also a chance for innovators to debut new products. Sony and its Future Lab program took the opportunity to give us a sneak peek at its new Concept N headphones. The headphones wrap around the user’s neck and operate using Bluetooth technology. What makes these headphones extraordinary is that they do not have to touch your ears. Listeners don’t need to worry about earbuds, headbands or over-ear pads, as these bad boys use multi-directional speakers to direct audio towards your ears.

Even though there are numerous benefits associated with this revolutionary product, the main one has to be safety. Sony has emphasized that people will be able to hear both their music as well as outside sounds if they choose to use the headphones while commuting or travelling. It’s also worth noting that your tunes will not be disruptive, as the audio is only aimed at the intended listener. This cool new toy also features a built-in camera and has the ability to respond to voice commands. Additionally, Sony has teamed up with apps such as Strava, AccuWeather and Yelp in order to enhance your headphone experience.

Even though the Concept N headphones are still in the prototype stage and Sony hasn’t revealed an official release date, don’t be surprised if you see these in stores later this year.