Pioneers. That’s what they are. There’s no question that Toolroom Records is influencing a new generation of dance music by signing and showcasing talent of some of today’s most seasoned artists. Their showcase of Glasgow artists has always been an amazing compilation of the talent coming out of that city, but in all honesty I admit this brand new edition of ‘Glasgow Underground 2016‘ is the best one yet.

The minute I pressed play, I knew this was going to be a treat. It’s a perfect selection of their favorite labels and producers right now as well as 8 exclusive new tracks from Glasgow Underground’s own artists. It also includes three essential mixes that transport the fascination and charm of the scene right to your speakers. I could write a novel about this album to sing it’s praises, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll point out a few stand out tunes, like “Espectaculo”. This is tune that needs to be at every pool party, from Las Vegas to Ibiza, as Tobi Kramer, GuillePlacencia, and George Privatti all worked their magic into this glistening, seven minute gem. 

Andres Campo‘s “Grey” is a dark, yet beautiful masterpiece that is just the right amount of eeriness to keep you in its rhythm. Oliver Dollar‘s main mix to “Love Me Or Leave Me” offers an ominous fusion of soul and tech house with an enchanting rhythm that you can’t help but groove to.

Finally, our main man Rene Amesz came through with a mighty remix to Andy MacDougall’s “Shaman” that still holds my pick as the best track of the compilation.

‘Glasgow Underground 2016’ has proven to be nothing short of an excellent album, packed with 4o of the hottest tracks in the Glasgow scene, that may just have a few of your new favorite tracks too!

If anything, make sure to listen below and stream the album on Spotify!

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