The choice between a comfortable but expensive hotel room that is far away from the festival, and a tent that is cheap and inside the festival but uncomfortable – most festival goers have weighed the options. But really, neither is a great choice.

Camping on site puts you close to the action, and is usually pretty affordable, but you don’t have a shower, a proper toilet, a proper bed, heat at night, or ac during the day. Staying in a hotel is way more comfortable because you have a real bed, running water, and climate control, but they are usually a significant drive from the festival grounds, and they can double or triple the cost of your festival trip.

What if you could rent a little room with a real bed, heat, ac, and easy access to a proper bathroom – right on the festival grounds? There are a few festivals that provide onsite cabins, but these are rare and usually sell out right away if they are available at all. A startup called Nearby is trying to change all of that.

They are seeking to create a mobile hostel system for festivals, that will allow organizers to rent modular units that can be deployed on festival grounds at a price point that should keep the costs very reasonable for attendees.

Check out the video below for an overview of their project.

If this sounds awesome to you, head over to their Indiegogo campaign page, where you can contribute to their fundraising, and grab some sweet rewards in the process.

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