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Time spent on mobile apps is a huge factor in the decision for Ticketmaster to start selling tickets directly through Facebook by the end of April, according to Buzzfeed News.

According to Tech Crunch, 14% of users’ time on a mobile device is spent on Facebook, making the switch to native ticket buying a very smart move financially. “By putting the ability to buy tickets directly within Facebook we hope that we’re going to provide a more seamless purchase experience and sell more tickets,” Dan Armstrong, VP and GM of distributed commerce at Ticketmaster, told BuzzFeed News in an interview.

We wrote about Facebook’s ‘virtual assistant’ M back in October of last year, and its ability to do a variety of tasks for users. With more people spending time on social media and affiliated apps than ever before, integration in those apps is looking to be a high priority for many businesses.

Facebook will receive a “standard affiliate fee” from Ticketmaster when tickets are purchased through the social media site. Also, for now, the process won’t be as “seamless” as Mr. Armstrong would like. While tickets can be purchased through Facebook, users would still have to “claim” them via Ticketmaster’s website or app.

After people questioned whether this business partnership would affect prices for users, a representative for Facebook issued this comment:

“Millions of people on Facebook connect with their favorite bands, artists and causes to find out about events happening in their community. We’ve heard feedback from venues and artists that Facebook is an important platform for them to update and connect with fans. We’re excited to help partners like Ticketmaster sell more tickets via Facebook and to make ticket purchasing easier and faster for people.”

The service is being rolled out slowly, starting with a “select group of general admission events.”


via Buzzfeed News, Engadget Image via Buzzfeed

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