ADRA is back with her next dark techno opus with “The Roswell Incident”. Check out our premiere of the track “PROJECT MOGUL”.

Humans of planet Earth, there’s been an incident. The otherworldly ADRAhas returned, descending on her sonic spaceship to once again delight us with a tasty techno treat in her “The Roswell Incident” release.

The great techno alien overlords that sent ADRA on her mission this time decided to grace us at Magnetic the good fortune of premiering “PROJECT MOGUL”. It is definitive ADRA, focused and it throbs forward with a cunning determination a far superior extraterrestrial might posses.  It’s dark techno at its finest, and yet another track that solidifies ADRA as an invading techno creature that deserves the utmost respect.

Now, you might be wondering, what more do we know about ADRA’s “The Roswell Incident”. Here is ADRA answering some questions to tell it as it is:

ADRA is back at again to invade with more dark techno. What’s going on with your latest release “The Roswell Incident”?

It’s getting amazing feedback from producers I absolutely abide by. That’s pretty darn exciting.

What is your intention with this release? More forward-thinking music?

I’m constantly moving ahead with producing. Does that mean my music is forward thinking? I can only hope to be so fortunate. I would like to believe that it is, I’m continually learning and enlarging my knowledge daily. With that said I think there is an absolute growth and “forward” that takes space.

You sound like you are getting more into your groove, which already sounded great, on the track “Project Mogul”. Can you give us a bit more backstory on this track?

The creative process for that track was literally imagining two greys in route to Roswell Mexico before the wreck. Everything is ok here so it’s more or less light hearted fun acid.

How is the ADRA project evolving and growing?

It’s getting deeper, I’m heading into an extremely dark sound. Finally feeling comfortable to move into what I love most personally.=

Where is ADRA going in 2016?

Currently at the moment I have some warming up to do, which will be withLights Down Low for Scuba May 21st and On&On Pan-Pot June 18th and throwing another release later in the year.

H/T: Magnetic Magazine

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