On the second leg of a 5-stop North American tour, Markus Schulz introduced his newly released Watch The World album to a sold out crowd at San Francisco’s Audio. The trance veteran sported a simple black shirt, and took the stage accompanied by songstress Adina Butar, whose vocals appeared in the album track, “You and I.” Die-hard fans, better known as the Schulz Army, arrived in droves with unbridled anticipation of this momentous night.

Playing behind an inconspicuous stage, Schulz captivated the crowd from beginning to end thanks to a healthy mix of Watch The World tracks and classic hits. He kicked it off with his sing-along inducing anthem “Destiny” and etched an emotional tone to the start of the night. The overall set maintained a steady energy, with song transitions rarely giving any lulls in the action. Cosmic Gate’s “Exploration of Space” was piped in early on, while notable selections from the new album included the vocally driven sounds of “Watch the World”, “Facedown,” and “You & I.” Schulz reciprocated the love and support from his fans by also playing some of his older music including a crowd favorite, “Message in the Sky.”

The album’s overarching theme of community was well represented throughout the night, thanks to the intimate club setting, passionate fan base and emotionally charged music. Schulz’s 6th artist album was not just made to listen to, but to absorb and connect with the feelings that the music emits. Having co-written this album, it was apparent how much each track meant to Schulz as he played it in front of a live audience. In a recent interview about his new album, he stated:

“With this album, it feels like I am sharing my personal stories and life happenings through the words more than ever before.”

As Schulz opened up and shared these personal moments through his music with fans, the response was pure adulation and respect – not only for the album itself, but for Schulz as an artist. This was the first time that he had ever created an album like this, and it worked. The emotions, authenticity and pure love for music shined through and exemplified why Schulz is one of the best Trance DJs in the World. His set not only showed great versatility of new and old tracks but also maintained an impressive energy level.

Schulz continues his album release tour this weekend with shows in Miami and New York left. For more information, you can visit the official Markus Schulz site HERE.

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