Danny Howard Remixes Erick Morillo’s “Break Down The Doors”

Danny Howard Remixes Erick Morillo’s “Break Down The Doors”

Prominent DJ, producer, radio host and label owner Danny Howard has remixed house music legend Erick Morillo’s 2007 hit with Audio Bullys, ‘Break Down The Doors’.

Download “Break Down The Doors” Remix

Danny’s remix takes the rhythm of the bouncing synth melody of the original and transforms it into a bumping house bassline. It’s paired with teasing echoing pitch”ed down vocal samples from the original, before subsiding to reveal the instantly recognizable vocal line in the first breakdown. Danny’s version is a modern, grooving update that nonetheless preserves the elements that made the original such a classic. It’s perfectly suited for slotting into a set at some of the world-class clubs and festivals he frequents as a DJ.

This new remix represents the new globally focused ethos of Subliminal Records, following a prolific year of both mainstream and more underground, deeper releases for the label. As an international tastemaker and prominent advocate of dance music in the UK, Danny is a perfect choice of artist to help push Erick Morillo’s creative vision for Subliminal forwards.

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