Since EDM’s explosion in popularity, many crossover tracks have made their way to top 40 radio and sold thousands of copies. Zedd, one of the genre’s leading crossover ambassadors, has experienced some of the most success from adapting his electro house sound to fit pop radio, with hits like “Clarity,” “Stay the Night” and “I Want You to Know” selling over a million copies — or going platinum under the Recording Industry Association of America‘s classification for single sales.

This week,  we learned Zedd has yet another hit to add to his roster of platinum-earning singles, his very first as a featured artist: “Starving,” his hit collaboration with duo Grey and actress-turned-pop star Hailee Steinfeld. “Starving” released in July 2016 with both chart and critical success, with the three performing the track live at events like the Nickeloden HALO Awards show, and now the single has earned a spot atop the platinum-earning RIAA singles ranks. Congratulations to Grey, Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd!

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