Astrix Claims Hardstyle Is An Easy Genre To Produce


Psytrance producer Astrix has recently sat down for an interview and sparked a little bit of another mini-debate in our dance music world. When asked about hardstyle, he said the genre is easier to produce and started a mess on social media.

“‘I don’t think it’s the same story here,’ says Astrix. ‘Hardstyle is a very ‘easy’ genre to produce, and I think there were a lot of low-quality productions that flooded the market, and people just lost interest. Psytrance is more complex and deeper by nature. As for the future, we’re talking about art—who can really say what the future holds? But psytrance has more depth and offers a lot more for the listeners and dancers to discover. It’s a real culture.’”

If you have been involved in the dance music community for a while, you know these kinds of things can come up. This is interesting because if you listen to psytrance and hardstyle, they are similar sounding genres. One might wonder if this is why Astrix spoke out on the issue.

Hardstyle producer Atmozfears has since responded to Astrix’s comment.

H/T: Global Dance Electronic 

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