Tchami – Adieu


New music from Tchami! Thought that might grab your attention. And like always, as geniuses often do, he has outdone himself. The House music master just dropped off his latest original hit, ‘Adieu’ and it is everything. We might be overly excited about this latest release, but Tchami has consistently preached good vibes and his music generates nothing but those feel-good beats that make you want to dance.

Tchami is just about to kick off his headlining Prophecy Tour that is already selling out in multiple cities. If you don’t have tickets to this, don’t hesitate, not only are they going fast, but with music like this, the show will absolutely be something to witness. His latest track is smoother than what we heard on his After Life EP and the vocal sampling will give you chills. If you’re not already, now would be the perfect time to jump on this bandwagon, Tchami is changing the game and it’s exciting to see what he’ll do next. Before we part and I bid you adieu, be sure to download or stream his latest release below.


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