Adriatique’s Essential Mix debut

Adriatique’s Essential Mix debut ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Swiss natives Adriatique have established a high reputation for themselves over the years, crafting forward-thinking music that fuses dark, melodic, and retro elements into a modern musical vision. Having dominated the scene in 2016, Pete Tong invited the duo onto his Essential Mix series for their debut on February 4.

Upon listening, it’s immediately easy to tell just how much care went into the mix, which according to them, was recorded live in a closed club in Basel specifically so they can get a live feel off of the sound system. The mix starts off on a slow, hypnotic note, with mellow notes of acid and rich instrumentation securing attention that will last until the end of their two hour performance.

While slowly increasing energy levels, the two weave in and out of ethereal melodic soundscapes and harder, chunkier sounds which take the mind right back down to a grungy dance floor. Adriatique’s mixing is smooth the whole way through, allowing for a pleasurable and well-crafted sonic journey that sets the bar high for Essential Mixes to come.

Listen to the full two hour set below:

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