Galavant Complete “Purple” EP With Release Of New Single ‘Purple Haze’

galavant purple

Galavant – Purple EP – After dropping their three gorgeous singles on Armada Trice a few weeks ago from their Purple Haze EP, the Swedish duo have now completed and released production compilation with the fourth and final part of the extended play.

Purple Haze‘ is the last track and it has already become their biggest dance-meets-pop production to date! From its unmistakably sublime melody to its strong, all-female vocal hooks and its punchy beats, ‘Purple Haze‘ perfectly mirrors the rest of the EP.

Galavant have been enjoying a particularly fruitful career since their early start in 2013. With their debut single ‘Tonight‘ awarding them with a certified platinum and over six million streams on Spotify alone, they have gone a long way! They have also become known for their ability to wow crowds on a regular basis through prestigious gigs across Scandinavia, including a live set at Summerburst Festival for a crowd of 45,000 strong.

Their EP, Purple, is bound to add another wave of momentum to their already meteoric rise to stardom!


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