Ilario Alicante Drops Debut EP & Mixes Drumcode Live Radio Show

Ilario Alicante’s full length Drumcode debut EP, ‘Awakened’, is out now.

The EP kicks off with the rattling percussion and thundering bassline of ‘Times’, a recognizable synth melody slowly building over propulsive cymbals. Title track ‘Awakened’ is up next – having already appeared in a number of Adam Beyer’s recent sets, bubbling arpeggios and an echoing vocal sample make it a distinctive track. Third track ‘Sense’ goes deeper and darker, an industrial tool made for peak time sets. The more downbeat, siren like ‘Apogeo’ closes out the package.

Download “Awakened”

‘Awakened’ is a high quality addition to both Ilario’s ever growing and diverse discography, whilst fitting in perfectly with the distinctive Drumcode aesthetic. With previous releases on the likes of Cocoon, Soma and Deep Moves, Ilario is carving his niche as a producer within the techno community.

To celebrate the release, Ilario provided a full studio mix for the latest episode of label boss Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Live radio show. Listen Here.