Buddhism + techno = nirvana…

Japanese priest and techno DJ, Gyōsen Asakura, has created a temple devoted to techno.

Based in Fukui City in Japan, the Shō-onji templed throws “techno memorial services” with Asakura leading the monthly Buddhist-style ceremonies.

“Originally, golden decorations in the temple are expressions of paradise light,” Asakura told THUMP.

“However, the light of a traditional temple has not changed its form from 1000 years ago to use candlelight, even after electricity was invented. I felt doubtful about that, and then I thought about expressing paradise with the latest stage lighting such as 3D mapping. We also hope to revive the Japanese faith with these ceremonies.”

Unfortunately his eclectic style of worship is pricey and he’s currently looking for techno fans who would like to donate to the cause.

Asakura’s initial goal was to raise $2684 (roughly 300,000 yen) but he’s already smashed his target with $3121 (350,000 yen) from just 35 supporters.

You can watch a video of the service in action below and donate to the Japanese techno temple here.  


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