Axwell & Ingrosso Finally Drop Kid Ink Collab I Love You

Fans knew a big pop moment was coming as soon as Axwell & Ingrosso teased their Kid Ink collab at Sunburn Festival. From those first moments, we knew “I Love You” was a heat-seeking missile, aimed right at radio. It leads with very The Verve-esque string chords (via “Bittersweet Symphony”), over a top 40 hip-hop beat.

“We wanted to just go heavy in a fresh sound to start 2017 and we think we achieved that,” the super-producers are quoted as saying in a press release. “And collaborating with Kid Ink was something we’d wanted to do for a while.”

Kid Ink drops his verses over a wonky bass melody, and serves some classic girl-crazy bars.

“When I first heard the demo, I loved the vibe and melody right off the top,” the rapper is quoted in the press release. “I felt like if I added some lyrics to it, then it could really be something special. I’m super happy with how this collaboration came out.”

Now that it’s out, the future of “I Love You” is all on the fans. Is it a critical hit? Check it out for yourself.


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