Dabin ‘You & I’ – out now on Kannibalen Records

dabin you and i

Dabin – You & I – Dabin has unveiled his latest production early from his anticipated Two Hearts LP. Featuring Jenna Pemkowski and out through Kannibalen Records, the DJ and producer from Toronto has brought us ‘You & I.’

Filled with calm percussion and ambience that transitions into punch synths and vocoders under Jenna Pemkowski‘s gentle vocals, we’re taken on a four minute cinematic, complex and euphoric musical journey. Dabin doesn’t back down from presenting his classically trained talents in ‘You & I‘ amongst electric guitar riffs and electronic ethereal synths.

For the past five years, Dabin has been building and establishing himself has an artist who can design musical craftsmanships in the form of a variety of genres and styles. Since the beginning, he hasn’t let down on bending genre boundaries with dynamic and master creation.

Not only is Dabin a phenomenal DJ and producer, but he hast blown crows away with exhilarating live sets, incorporating electric guitar, live drums, controllers and keyboards into his shows. Keeping fans all around the world waiting for his highly anticipated Two Hearts LP which will be released later in March, in addition to joining Black Tiger Sex Machine’s on their massive 30-date Tour, Dabin is definitely taking the world by storm in this year.

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