20-Year-Old Martin Garrix Has To Be Escorted To and From His Vegas Club Residency

In the ever-growing world of electronic music, new DJs are popping up left and right. They come from every corner of the world and also every age group. One of the biggest on the scene right now, Martin Garrix, is also possibly one of the youngest. He originally blew up a few years ago after his hit “Animals” and now, he’s only a mere 20 years old – meaning he’s not the legal drinking age in the US. Naturally, Garrix is performing in nightclubs all over the world to promote his music and in the US, we all know you also need to be at least 21 years of age to enter a nightclub.

With a residency at Omnia Las Vegas, this makes for a tricky deal since he is the club’s main attraction, but technically cannot go inside. Martin recently talked to BBC Radio 1 and told them how it works when he plays there:

“They start my intro and then I’m allowed to get in the club. They escort me with security and clear the entire DJ booth and the surrounding VIP tables from alcohol. I’m not allowed to be close to alcohol. As my last song is playing they kick me out of the club.”

Martin will be turning 21 in May.


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