Duo Group MiKel Debut ‘Pray For Me’

MiKel 1

MiKel – ‘Pray For Me‘ – New DJ and producing duo group MiKel have just released their first original production ‘Pray For Me.’ With Kelsi’s beautifully powerful and captivating vocals and an exhilarating melody that transitions to a strong chilled back and forward moving future bass drop, ‘Pray For Me‘ is sure to encompass fans everywhere!

Consisting of DJ and producer Michael Liedtke and singer & songwriter Kelsi Kapnas, MiKel formed after a number of collaborations together through Michael’s previous alias BLVCK LIGHT. These guys both have gone through quite the musical journey as well, being classically trained to play a variety of instruments and learning to sing.

Kelsi has been an aspiring vocalist, pianist and has taught other students how to play piano. Prior to MiKel, she had done covers of popular artists The Chainsmokers and Calvin Harris amongst others. On the other hand, Michael has been DJing and producing for seven years now. From studying music production in college to later creating energetic tracks under his moniker BLVCK LIGHT, he now pushes his drive, motivation and love for electronic dance music with Kelsi.

Putting a twist on electronic dance music with their natural talent through live instruments, hard-hitting synths and effects people haven’t heard quite yet, MiKel have begun their journey together with their new track ‘Pray For Me.’ As a production that emphasizes the strength and uniqueness of Kelsi’s vocals and presents the strong producing ability of Michael, these guys are certainly headed in the right direction.

MiKel have only just begun their musical journey in this eclectic EDM industry and yet they have already garnered the support of artists such as Taylor Wise, Danny Avila, Siren and more. Be sure to check out their track and give them some support if you want to see what the rest of 2017 have in store for these two!

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