This Minimal Record Player Is The First Vertical Turntable


Vertical Turntable

Have you ever wanted to hang a gramophone or turntable on the wall and play vinyl? A Dutch family business is now making this dream a reality.

The team at Miniot has launched the Wheel on Kickstarter, an elegant minimalist record player which can play 12 inch vinyls (and an adapter for 7 inch vinyls is now under development). All of the functions are controlled by tweaking the center stick. Unlike traditional turntables, the company has hidden the tonearm and its AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge under the platter, which means that it can’t be replaced. However, user replaceable styli will be available.

Miniot says that the fresh design protects it from dust and damage, avoids the destruction of stylus or records and optimizes the resonance. The turntable can be connected to a wireless device, speakers, music system or headphones and can be used horizontally in a table, placed vertically or hanged on the wall.

The Wheel has reached its goal of $50,000 and is excepted to be delivered in October. For more details you can watch the videos below or check the vertical turntable’s Kickstarter to pledge here.


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