Lido “Everything” Remixed Album Out Now

Norwegian songwriter, producer and composer Lido has dropped his ‘Everything Remixed’ album, an expertly curated follow-up to his landmark debut album Everything, via Because Music. The album is a striking reimagining of key tracks off Lido’s forwarding-thinking album by inner circle influencers from across the electronic landscape.

Remixes by JayKode, Brasstracks, Dan Farber, Melf, Umru, Minnesota, mossy., and Soft Glas showcase the versatility of Everything as each artist strips down and reconstructs their respective tracks while retaining Lido’s signature timeless finish. Additionally there will be two SoundCloud only remixes from Alexander Lewis and Bobby Tank dropping in conjunction with the remix album.

Download “Everything” Remix Album

Lido’s Everything Remixed augments the massive momentum he has been building for the past year and a half. Highlights include selling out his headlining US Tour, debuting Everything at Coachella, executive producing Halsey’s Badlands album, and producing for the likes of Chance the Rapper, Banks and A$AP Ferg. Check out the album and read below how it came to fruition from Lido himself.
“We went about this in an interesting way, we serviced the entire album to some of the talented musicians in our inner circle and ask whoever vibed with whatever song to make their own version. By definition, a remix is a piece of media which has been altered from its original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces of the item. To me, remixing is hearing something in a song that is missing, hearing something that can be changed fundamentally in the track, creating something completely reimagined.” – LIDO

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