Grimes’ first album ‘Visions’ gets classical treatment

grimes ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Grimes’ debut album, Visions, is getting a classical remake, courtesy of Canadian trio Plumes. The group had come up with the idea for their homage to Grimes in 2015 during the Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival in Winnipeg, honing in on on their muse’s sound in particular to transform into a classical arrangement for her “DIY attitude that seems to resonate across genres.” Now, the project has come to fruition.

To complete the treatment, Plumes commissioned 13 composers to re-envision each of Vision’s tracks. Freedom in the arrangements was key. According to the outfit, “The theme of the [Cluster New Music] festival is dismantling, taking something apart and reconstructing it…So maybe that means reinterpreting or magnifying or exploding — we gave them pretty wide scope.”

The completed project, dubbed Many Visions, will now be fully brought to life by Plumes in a series of concert dates across Canada.

Tour Dates:

03-10 Montreal, Quebec – Rocket Science Room
03-11 Toronto, Ontario – The Music Gallery
03-12 Hamilton, Ontario – The Casbah
03-13 Windsor, Ontario – University of Windsor
03-15 Guelph, Ontario – University of Guelph
03-16 Kitchener, Ontario – Wilfrid Laurier University
03-17 Winnipeg, Manitoba – Cluster Festival
03-18 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Village Guitar & Amp Co
03-21 Vancouver, British Columbia – Music on Main



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