Love n Lerrone “Babae”

Brooklyn producers Love n Lerrone team up once again with label Very Jazzed, gifting fans a free slice of slick, jacked-up house with new single ‘Babae.’

Download: “Babae”

Available for free download now from their official Spotify, ‘Babae’ sees the duo give a modern, millennial twist to early jack and swing house influences. Crafting a cool, effortless cut that pops with early 80s synth sounds, the track builds around a bubbling Mariah, Toni, Janet-esque top line that bumps up against muted organ elements, soft, padded percussion and syncopated melodies that have a definite grounding in 80s B-boy/B-girl electronica.

Love n Lerrone are building an increasing reputation for themselves on the US house circuit. With a distinctive Nu-Disco trademark sound that has swiftly won them critical acclaim from both tastemaker blogs and fans, the pair continue to make their mark sonically on the American market and beyond.


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