Sander van Doorn presents Purple Haze

Electronic music powerhouse Sander van Doorn has just previewed his newest track under his Purple Haze project. ‘Neiloj’ will be the first release under the name in years and it will drop soon on Doorn Records.

Over nearly the past decade, the song releases under this project have been few and far between, but with his upcoming performance at Ultra Music Festival, the timing was just right. Named tune of the week by Armin Van Buurens “A State of Trance” #804, this song takes you on a moody synth journey that hints back to a sub genre of trance we haven’t seen much lately. Going back to his roots in tech-trance accompanied with a blissful riff, this long awaited track is sure to see as much success as his past releases, including the timeless‘Bliksem’.

An official release date hasn’t been announced for the track yet, but you can expect to hear it in many of his upcoming performances.


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