Dabin ‘Worries’ Ft. Koda

Further demonstrating his exceptional production skills and musical diversity ,Toronto based producer Dabin has unleashed his third single from his forthcoming Two Hearts LP.
Worries Ft. Koda is out now via Kannibalen Records.
Easing the listener into the track with a gentle instrumental arrangement, paired with Kodas hauntingly beautiful vocals, Worries sets the bar high within seconds of play. Seamlessly transitioning from the melancholic introduction, Dabin moves the track into a different realm with a thrilling concoction of ethereal synths, punchy percussion and electric guitar licks. Taking the listener on a musical journey throughout the track
s five-minute duration, Dabin and Koda s creativity and style blend together in perfect harmony to deliver an emotive and captivating creation.
Having completed an incredible 30-date tour on label mates Black Tiger Sex Machines North American Tour, Dabin has road tested his new material at some of the most prominent dance music spots over the past few months . With his first two singles
You & I Ft. Jenna Pemkowski, and Lilith Ft. Madi & Apashe, still creating serious waves, Dabin fans are eagerly waiting for the full Two Hearts LP to drop on the 31st of March.
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