“Slide” has been one of my favorite singles of 2017. The combination of Calvin Harris’s slick 808s with a velvety Frank Ocean hook and Migos’s hypnotic flow resulted in a gorgeous collaboration which has fans salivating over the prospects of Calvin Harris’s next album.

Last night, Calvin Harris took to his Instagram story to give fans a riveting behind the scenes look at how the song all came together. From the piano and bass intro to the vibrant Prophet 5 synths and even the Frank Ocean acapella, it’s all there. While it’s definitely a much-abridged version of conception to final execution, it’s nevertheless an interesting look at how it all came together. It’s not often that fans are given such an intimate look at the actual production process, particularly by an artist as big as Calvin Harris no less, so we should all cherish this.

Extra shout-out to YouTuber Habeel J who captured all the clips and uploaded them in one easy-to-watch video.

H/T: /r/hiphopheads |

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