Sander Van Doorn Presents Purple Haze

sander van doorn purple haze

Sander van Doorn – Purple Haze – After months of teasing, the wait is finally over as Sander van Doorn gives fans a glimpse inside his Mr. Hyde aka the hotly-anticipated Purple Haze alter ego.

Having carved a name for himself as one of the defining artists of his generation, Sander van Doorn is now laying the foundations for the official launch of his alter ego. Quick to reassure fans this is not the end of the Sander van Doorn they have all come to know and love, Purple Haze marks the start of a completely separate, exciting, new endeavor for the star.

Demonstrating his versatility as an artist through his Purple Haze moniker, Sander will explore a sharper, darker and rougher side to his production capabilities, with the first Purple Haze track ‘Neiloj‘ premiered during ASOT episode 804 and set for release May 15th on Doorn Records.


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