Skrillex is working on music with Latin producer J Balvin and Justin Bieber affiliate Poo Bear


In 2017 it seems as though Skrillex has mostly been the man behind the curtain. Or perhaps more accurately, the console. He’s linked up with Incubus to co-produce 8 tracks on their inbound album, he’s been spotted with Fifth Harmony, and shared studio time with Mr. Carmack. And although the fruits of his labor this year have yet to be heard officially, we have Skrillex yet again lining up more heavy studio power, this time alongside Latin reggaeton rapper and producer J Balvin and Justin Bieber‘s trusted Poo Bear.

Poo Bear has worked on some of Justin Bieber’s biggest records to date, so his presence lends credibility to the idea that a massive pop collaboration may be brewing with Balvin’s contribution. Balvin’s profile has been on a steep incline in recent years with sweeping success at award ceremonies like the Billboard Latin Music Awards and The Lo Nuestro Awards. Now he may be tapping into the America market in a new way, linking up with Poo Bear and pop music’s most in-demand super producer, Skrillex.

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