Afrojack Plans to Release Techno

It’s hard these days being a mainstage DJ, and we are entering a period where the mainstage headliners of 2013-2015 are trying to experiment and freshen up their sound to something more authentic. This year already brought Arty, Sander van Doorn, and W&W back to their roots with great success. Now, Afrojack is feeling a calling to a more authentic sound as well.

Techno Moves is reporting from various sources around Afrojack that he is about to enter the techno scene and that he already has some tracks up his sleeve. He had already been trying to distance himself from the pejorative-EDM scene and putting his album behind him. Afrojack actually played a techno set at Mysteryland last year with Benny Ridrigues, so he’s been dabbling in the scene for some time now. Could we see Afrojack at the Resistance stage anytime soon? That would certainly be interesting.

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