Showtek Unveils New Armada Single ‘On Our Own’ With Brooks

showtek on our own

Showtek – ‘On Our Own‘ – After experiencing much success with their Major Lazer collaboration ‘Believer,’ Showtek are back with another huge hit. This time, they have come together with DJ and producer Brooks and American singer-songwriter Natalie Major to release ‘On Our Own‘ on their imprint Skink.

Showtek‘s new song ‘On Our Own‘ makes perfect use of its hyper-catchy vocals and inspiring lyrics to deliver a message worth dancing to. With the addition of its hooking rhythms and its larger-than-life melody and synths, it is a sing-along smash that is certainly set to dominate the global EDM soundscapes.

Showtek, who already have lined up with several hit records, such as ‘Bad‘ and ‘Sun Goes Down‘ with David Guetta, ‘Booyah‘ and ‘Believer,’ their new single ‘On Our Own‘ might just be the track that follows in the footsteps of ‘Believer‘ and set them in the right direction for 2017.


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