Martin Garrix Talks Justin Bieber, New Music & More

Martin Garrix the #1 DJ in the world is usually busy touring the world or writing new hits. Beside that he loves to take time to talk to the fans likes to do interviews sometimes too. He recently did a Ask Anything chat for iHeartRadio and we have a video. He talks about all kinds of things from food, Justin Bieber to music and everything else.

If he could be any  DJ/producer for a week, it would be Skrillex. 

“I would love to be Skrillex, just to see how he works — his knowledge about music production. He’s a genius.”

He thought that touring with Bieber was, “Crazy!”
“The fun thing about this tour was I had no idea what to expect. If I do a Martin Garrix headlining show, I know it will be lots of Garrix fans, etc. But, this tour I was nervous because — shit — there will only be lots of Bieber fans, only waiting for Justin Bieber. I did the first show in Perth and the moment I dropped my first song the energy the crowd gave us — it was crazy. The entire tour was super fun.”

“Rewind, Repeat It” his song with Ed Sheeran might not ever be released.
“I made that song with Ed 2 years ago and there was so much going back and forth — with when are we going to release it. That song was one big headache. I’d rather focus on me and music and positive energy.”

What he needs on his tour rider: “Pizza.”


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