In a distinguished DJ career spanning well over thirty years, there’s not a lot that legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold hasn’t seen or done yet. But even at the ripe old age of 53 he’s still finding the time to push boundaries and achieve new musical milestones having just thrown the highest party on earth from Mount Everest’s Base Camp dubbed SoundTrek. Cross that off the bucket list!

At 17,600 feet (5380m), the Mount Everest Base Camp served as the perfect scenic location to commemorate Paul Oakenfold’s 30 year anniversary of his famous trip to Ibiza which kicked off the ‘Second Summer of Love’ which kicked off modern day dance music culture in the UK.

“After 2 years in the planning, we have just completed SoundTrek, the party at the top of the World on Mount Everest’s Base Camp. Raising money for 4 charities in the process we have also supported the local talent and given the local community the DJ equipment supplied by Denon for the event. There will be a LIVE album taken from the recording of the party accompanied by a documentary.”


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