Dirtcaps “Midnight Sun” ft. RAPHAELLA

There’s no stopping Dirtcaps. Merely two weeks after the release of ‘DIME PIECES’, the very first mix compilation of their KLASH label, the duo has dropped a brand-new single. ‘Midnight Sun’ is out now and featuring star vocalist RAPHAELLA, known for her collaboration with Codeko called ‘Walking With Lions’, the anthem for Electric Zoo and BPM breaker of 2016.

Midnight Sun‘ is where the characteristic sound of Dirtcaps meets the silky vocals of RAPHAELLA. Starting off with colorful chord progressions, it’s without doubt among the most gentle compositions of Dirtcaps, indulging in delicate rhythms and clean synth soars. It has radio smash written all over it and that’s exactly what it’s aiming for.

Dirtcaps have become synonymous with dashing live shows and a deluge of high-end productions. They graced the stages of world-renowned festival such as Defqon.1 in Chile, TomorrowlandTomorrowworld and Mysteryland, worked with/remixes dance music stars such as Hardwell, W&W, DJ Carnage, Laidback Luke and Coone and set up their own KLASH label in collaboration with Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music. ‘Midnight Sun’ is yet another record that shows their versatility as artists and the full extent of their production skill.


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