Nicky Romero Remixes Linkin Park’s “Heavy” ft. Kiiara

Nicky Romero unveils his masterfully crafted remix of Linkin Park’s latest hit single ‘Heavy’ featuring Kiiara, out now on Warner Bros. Records.

Download: “Heavy” Remix

Played at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami as Nicky Romero closed down the Worldwide Stage to incredible fanfare, his remix of ‘Heavy’ ft. Kiiara is set to become one of the quintessential records to be played throughout this festival season.
Channeling the distinct and stunning vocals of Kiiara and those of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s frontman, Nicky manages to keep the introductory melody intact before quickly diving into a future bass driven remix laden with euphoric synths and vocal chops that truly update the record to dancefloor status.
This latest offering is testament to Nicky Romero’s expansive range in production value as he continues to test and push the confines within new genres. Combined with Linkin Park’s consistent knack for experimenting in new territories of sounds and songwriting, it’s no wonder why Nicky Romero was the perfect fit for official remix duties.

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