Kygo releases official music video for Selena Gomez collaboration, ‘It Ain’t Me’

Any lingering doubts that Kygo had made the full-fledged transition into pop stardom before this year were thoroughly eliminated with the February release of “It Ain’t Me.” In just over two months, the Scandinavian artist’s collaboration with Selena Gomez has amassed more than 275 million Spotify streams and close to 200 million YouTube views. The track also bizarrely inspired Vin Diesel to lend his own vocals to an “alternate” version.

Today, April 24, Kygo premiered the official music video for the highly-publicized song. While many fans expected the Instagram preview featuring the producer walking along a Norwegian beach to be a teaser of the music video, neither artists appear in the actual visual accompaniment to the song. Instead, director Phillip R. Lopez provides a narrative which sees two lovers – played by actors, rather than Kygo and Gomez – in the aftermath of a tragic accident.



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