Afrojack & David Guetta Create ‘Another Life’ in Futuristic Animated Video

Robots. Outer space. Bass drops. Scifi animation. These are all cool things, and they’re all waiting for you in the music video for Afrojack and David Guetta’s colorful collaboration “Another Life.”

It’s got all the pop-facing catchiness of Guetta’s catalog with the edgier boom of Afrojack’s work. The two meet in the middle beautifully, coming up with a tune that’s neither cheesy nor boisterous. “Another Life” is fun and flashy, the hook comes in like a bright explosion, and Ester Dean’s smooth vocals really makes the whole “better luck next time” message of the lyrics sound a hell of a lot more promising than most.

The video is super cool. Animated by Sanghon Kim, it depicts the creation of a lady robot who’s sole mission is apparently to drift through space. It’s just enjoyable to look at, especially if you’re into space and robots, and who isn’t?

“Another Life” sees official release Friday, April 28, on Wall Recordings and Universal


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