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Stephen Colbert rap with Gorillaz on ‘Feel Good Inc.’

On April 27, Gorillaz appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert alongside Pusha T to perform “Let Me Out” from Humanz a day before the album’s release. Much has happened in the week since – the band have released their widely popular album and announced that its accompanying box set will feature 14 unreleased songs, while the late night TV host has set much of the Internet ablaze through a certain polarizing joke at Donald Trump’s expense.

This weekend, The Late Show revealed that Damon Albarn and company didn’t just play “Let Me Out” on the program, but held a 30-minute Gorillaz concert for the audience. Perhaps the highlight of the show comes with its rendition of the group’s 2005 hit, “Feel Good Inc.,” which sees Stephen Colbert rapping a spin on De La Soul’s verse over screens behind Gorillaz. The full performance is available via CBS below, while Colbert’s take on “Feel Good Inc.” is in the above video player.



In case you missed it Martin Garrix debuted his forthcoming radio single “There For You” at Coachella and it was amazing. Bringing on featured vocalist Troye Sivan to perform alongside him, Martin and Troye threw down the ultimate premiere leaving tens of thousands of fans desperately waiting for news around the single’s official release.

Now, in an interview he revealed that his new single will come out ‘halfway-May.’ Though in the clip he doesn’t reveal which tune he meant specifically, the interviewers confirmed in the tweets below that he was referring to “There For you.” Now if you take that ‘mid-May’ descriptor into consideration along with the fact that most major artists tend to release on Fridays, we think that the official release date for “There For You” will be Friday, May 19th.

Later on, Martin also revealed that on his end that there was ‘a lot of unreleased music ready.’ Hopefully, we get to hear that new material sooner rather than later. We look forward to more official announcements coming regarding “There For You” in the coming weeks!

Ableton Creates Learning Music Website for Beginners


Have you ever wanted to try your hand at producing but didn’t want to spend the money? Or thought of taking a music class so you can keep up while talking with your DJ friends? Well Ableton has you covered!

Learning Music is a website that allows everyone to explore the world of electronic music production. “No prior experience or equipment is required”, just some creativity and an open mind.

Warning to all music enthusiasts: don’t go to this website if you have work to do or a deadline coming up; it’s equally as fun as it is addictive. First, it explains a little bit about the components most songs need: drums, bass, chords and melodies. Next up is the good stuff, BEATS. You can mess around with Open Hats, Closed Hats, Claps and Kicks and take yourself through any BPM you desire. It’s easy to get lost here for a while as you find your sound.

The next few chapters will take you through Scales, Chords, Baselines, Melodies, Structures and more. The module is actually extremely informative and a good tool for anyone who has been wanting an encompassing introduction to music. But, if you feel that you are well versed in this already, skip forward to “the playground”; AKA the best part. You’ve got all the building blocks to start making your very first song.

You can get lost in the playground for hours, messing with every little thing until you find that sweet spot that makes your signature sound. (Side note: I am finally beginning to understand how every producer I know can stay in the studio for days at a time). If you’ve retained all the introductory information and are craving more knowledge, you may want to look into the chapters on advanced topics. If you’re STILL enthralled after this point, I think it’s time to buy yourself Ableton and keep those creative juices flowing!


SoundCloud Launches New Feature That Builds Playlists of Latest Uploaded Tracks

SoundCloud’s new feature curates fire playlists with freshly uploaded tracks

The ever-popular, ever-struggling music streaming service SoundCloud is doing its best to fight back with the release of a new service called The Upload, a feature that creates a playlist of newly uploaded tracks for users who are logged into the platform.

The Upload, available on both mobile for Android and iOS and on the online platform under Discover, pulls tracks that have been uploaded onto SoundCloud over the past few days into a playlist based on your listening history. The more you use the platform to listen to and like tracks, SoundCloud says, the more the service will be able to create playlists you’ll enjoy.

Give it a spin and let us know what you think!



Sharing and discovering music on Spotify just became even easier!

Spotify Codes offer a brand new way for users to share any track, artist, album, or playlist available on the application, by simply taking a picture. As explained in a statement from Spotify, the QR code system links to the bottom of the artwork area and when scanned, takes users directly to that content. This is similar to how users add others on Snapchat with the social media application’s unique profile codes.

It’s simple… To access Spotify codes, click on the share menu by tapping the three dots next to any given piece of music. To scan, open the search box and click the camera icon to capture the code.

Not only does Spotify Codes make it easier for friend groups and tastemakers to share music, but the same system will be implemented on flyers, posters, or even billboards to get the word out on new releases. This system also provides a new way for artists, labels and brands to connect and engage with fans through the music app.

Spotify Codes are being rolled out iOS and Android users now!


Sam Feldt – Kingsday 2017


Snails & Botnek Release “Waffle House” Video On OWSLA

Snails and Botnek have teamed up for a colossal video and single titled “Waffle House”, out now on OWSLA. The video was directed by Spanish filmmaker Ernest Desumbila of production / animation team Sauvage. It features a mix of live actors and cartoon animation as radioactive slime mutates food into killer monsters, and a Conan the Barbarian impersonator hopes to be the hero to save everyone. Look for Part 2 of the storyline coming soon.

Download “Waffle House”

In addition, Snails is throwing his very own Sluggtopia festival at the iconic Red Rocks featuring performances by NGHTMRE, JOYRYDE and more to be announced. Snails is also busy in the studio working on much more music for 2017.