Stephen Colbert rap with Gorillaz on ‘Feel Good Inc.’

On April 27, Gorillaz appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert alongside Pusha T to perform “Let Me Out” from Humanz a day before the album’s release. Much has happened in the week since – the band have released their widely popular album and announced that its accompanying box set will feature 14 unreleased songs, while the late night TV host has set much of the Internet ablaze through a certain polarizing joke at Donald Trump’s expense.

This weekend, The Late Show revealed that Damon Albarn and company didn’t just play “Let Me Out” on the program, but held a 30-minute Gorillaz concert for the audience. Perhaps the highlight of the show comes with its rendition of the group’s 2005 hit, “Feel Good Inc.,” which sees Stephen Colbert rapping a spin on De La Soul’s verse over screens behind Gorillaz. The full performance is available via CBS below, while Colbert’s take on “Feel Good Inc.” is in the above video player.



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