Mahmut Orhan Drops New Track ‘Save Me’ featuring Eneli

Mahmut Orhan made a massive splash in 2016, with his hit track “Feel”, which amassed over 21 million streams on digital streaming platforms and racked up a whopping 171 million views on YouTube. Today, Mahmut is back with a new track, “Save Me” featuring vocals from Romanian songstress Eneli. “Save Me” is a glorious house track, dripping with Middle Eastern influences. The hypnotic strings and funky bassline keep the listener engaged throughout, a perfect summer track released right before the start of the season.

Save Me” is out now via Ultra Records, check it out below and brace yourself for another smash hit from Bursa’s most prominent producer:



Sam Void “On My Mind” A Dose of Summer Romance

If the sunny days and balmy nights of the warmer season have you dreaming of summer flings, Sam Void has you covered with his newest track “On My Mind.”

Void incorporates disco-infused melodies and catchy, upbeat vocals for an effortless, feel-good vibe that will appeal to fans of many genres. “Hey, do you remember how we used to close our eyes and fly?” the first line of the track croons, just before Void takes off on a groovy, progressive journey reminiscent of romance-filled nights.

Download “On My Mind”

“On My Mind” follows a string of successful releases on Protocol, including “Hold On” with Volt & State and Avedon, “Reachless,” which was released on the Protocol Miami 2016 compilation, his remix of “Future Funk,” and “Radical.” Sam produced “On My Mind” at the Protocol Studios where he will be releasing more music in the near future.


The Top 10 EDM Promotion Channels on SoundCloud

edm promotion soundcloud

  If you are an EDM artist or a record label SoundCloud is without a doubt the most important platform to share your music with the world (still).  In this article we’re listing Top 10 EDM SoundCloud Promotion Channels that can help you boost your music by sharing your tracks or playlists with their audience with reposts. Please note that the purpose of this article is not to rank these channels in terms of popularity (or follower count), but more so to identify the channels that are most relevant and significant within a certain subset of listeners.


  1. EDMHouseNetwork

Channel URL:

Primary Genres: EDM, House, Progressive House, Electro House


  1. Tipsy Records

Channel URL:

Primary Genres: House, Deep House, Future House


  1. TropiKult

Channel URL:

Primary Genres: House, Deep House


  1. Electrostep Network

Channel URL:

Primary Genres: Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass


Channel URL:

Primary Genres: EDM, House, Electro House, Progressive House

  1. Trap City

Channel URL:

Primary Genres: Trap, Future Bass


Channel URL:

Primary Genres: House, Deep House, G – House

  1. The Artist Union

Channel URL:

Primary Genres: EDM, Multi – Genre


Channel URL:

Primary Genres: EDM, House, Electro House, Progressive House, Future House

  1. EDM Joy

Channel URL:

Primary Genres: EDM, House, Deep House, Trap, Future House, Future Bass, Multi – Genre


Monstercat Unveils “Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 1”

monstercat uncaged vol. 1

Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 1 After Monstercat 031 Finale came and went, Monstercat fans were waiting for what was to come next. Now, the wait is over as Monstercat has unveiled Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 1, the new evolution in Monstercat‘s compilation series. Featuring not only the compilation album including Uncaged Vol.1‘s exclusive single ‘Unity,’ the Uncaged series boasts exciting Merch and Live Event initiatives that are bound to have fans ecstatic about Uncaged.

For their events, this Friday’s Uncaged Rotterdam Show will be live streamed on Monstercat‘s Facebook page, as well as their twitch channel beginning at 3:30 PST. And for those wishing they could still have a physical piece of this Uncaged launch, can be sure to pick up their newest signature Monstercat hoodie as well as plenty of other new pieces of Monstercat swag in the merch store!

As the first iteration of the Uncaged series, Volume 1 certainly looks like it will be kicking things off right.


Fans To Decode Ferry Corsten’s New Concept Album “Blueprint” Out On May 26

ferry corsten decode blueprint

Ferry Corsten – Decode “Blueprint” – May 26, 2017 marks the arrival of a new album from one of EDM’s most perennial pioneers. A true labour of love, given his passion for discovery science, space and time, Ferry Corsten‘s latest studio project Blueprint has set him on course for his own discovery as a producer, artist and storyteller. And he wants you to join him on this journey.

In a voyage to design something that would illuminate beyond just the dancefloor, Ferry has pieced together a truly remarkable work in this enthralling concept album that puts focus on a narrative of the existence of mankind and our desire to reach beyond on our own world, for love, for curiosity, for the exploration of our existence?

Fans can join Ferry Corsten and the boundless creativity of Blueprint by unlocking the world beyond during the pre-order sale. Through sharing activation on the official Blueprint website, fans will access chapters from this intergalactic voyage and discover the musical message contained within.


Tommy Trash & DENM Join Forces On New Single ‘Dreamer’

tommy trash dreamer

Tommy Trash – ‘Dreamer‘ – Tommy Trash and up-and-coming DJ and producer DENM have come together to collaborate on their new irresistible release with new single ‘Dreamer‘ through Armada Music. As the debut offering on Armada for DENM and a return performance for Tommy Trash, this piece of pure indie-dance gold promises to #TrashYourDreams.

While the Tommy Trash and DENM‘s releases have historically existed on distant ends of the musical spectrum, their diverse sounds meld together seamlessly on this perfect summer jam. The track’s carefree and upbeat feel, complemented with a driving yet bouncy bassline and shout-along lyrics about doing things your own way, makes it an instant anthem for the summer.



YouTube has been the dominant music discovery social platform for about as long as the social media era has been in effect but that doesn’t mean its current positioning within the music business hasn’t come at a cost. Having constantly come to gripes with performance rights organizations, songwriters, and publishers for low royalty payouts and more, YouTube now finds itself at the center of yet another music economy debate following a study commissioned by parent company Google dubbed Value of YouTube to the music industry.

The study, conducted by RBB Economics, has just released its first initial report titled Paper I: Cannibalization which tracked responses from 1,500 people and data from 5,000 songs across Germany, France, Italy, and the U.K. taken over a three-year period. And in it, the report comes to the conclusion that YouTube actually prevents piracy and significantly drives sales. The full study will survey ‘6,000 users across Germany, France, Italy, and the U.K.’ in addition to the exclusive YouTube data that Google will have provided them with.

Per Paper 1, without YouTube “85% of time spent on the site would move to lower value channels and result in a significant increase in piracy.” A 29% increase in piracy to be precise. ‘Lower value channels’ also refers to TV, AM/FM Radio, and internet radio in addition to file-sharing and/or piracy.

The response to the report from trade bodies, namely the IFPI, has been…lukewarm to say the least. Check out their statement below.

“Google’s latest publicity push once again seeks to distract from the fact that YouTube, essentially the world’s largest on-demand music service, is failing to license music on a fair basis and compensate artists and producers properly by claiming it is not liable for the music it is making available. Services like YouTube, that are not licensing music on fair terms, hinder the development of a sustainably healthy digital music market. Rather than Google/YouTube’s ‘my way or the highway’ approach, where they say they can’t behave as other digital music services do, legislative action is required to address the ‘value gap’ that is denying music creators a fair return for their work and investment so that the recent upturn will be sustainable for the long term.”

The CEO of U.K. labels trade body BPI, Geoff Taylor also pointed out that YouTube still owed the industry $535 million in royalties.

The report was only the first of the study which promises to release further papers to better clarify YouTube’s positioning in the digital music world. If you want to dive deeper check out the actual paper here or check out Google’s summary here.

H/T: Billboard