Fans To Decode Ferry Corsten’s New Concept Album “Blueprint” Out On May 26

ferry corsten decode blueprint

Ferry Corsten – Decode “Blueprint” – May 26, 2017 marks the arrival of a new album from one of EDM’s most perennial pioneers. A true labour of love, given his passion for discovery science, space and time, Ferry Corsten‘s latest studio project Blueprint has set him on course for his own discovery as a producer, artist and storyteller. And he wants you to join him on this journey.

In a voyage to design something that would illuminate beyond just the dancefloor, Ferry has pieced together a truly remarkable work in this enthralling concept album that puts focus on a narrative of the existence of mankind and our desire to reach beyond on our own world, for love, for curiosity, for the exploration of our existence?

Fans can join Ferry Corsten and the boundless creativity of Blueprint by unlocking the world beyond during the pre-order sale. Through sharing activation on the official Blueprint website, fans will access chapters from this intergalactic voyage and discover the musical message contained within.



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