Armin Van Buuren Brings 80,000 Fans Together For Biggest Solo Shows At Amsterdam ArenA

armin van buuren best of armin only recap

Armin van Buuren – The Best of Armin Only Recap – 80,000 fans from 97 different countries witnessed Armin van Buuren make history this past weekend (May 12 & 13), as he sold out two colossal shows at the Amsterdam ArenA.

With a 1200m² LED screen, two hundred crew members and two thousand fireworks in tow, The Best of Armin Onlytruly was Armin van Buuren‘s biggest solo show ever. Armin van Buuren said, “I’m still shaking from all this. This show, this crowd, it was absolutely phenomenal. I’m a bit bummed out that it has gone by so quickly, but I enjoyed this so, so much. I’d like to thank everyone for their support and all of their hard work, my fans of course and also Alda, 250K, DLP, Armada and Corrino Media Group. The Best of Armin Only isn’t just my ultimate highlight. It’s ours!”

Listen to The Best of Armin Only Here

The livestream on, Facebook Live and Dutch television station RTL 4, reeled in over 4.8 million viewers from all over the globe and showed the full extent of what The Best of Armin Only had to offer. Joined on stage by 22 artists, 45 dancers, ten acrobats, four trampolinists and a drum band made up of fifty-six people, Armin van Buuren went all out for The Best of Armin Only.

This past Saturday, before the start of the second show at the Amsterdam ArenA, Armin van Buuren also launched his The Best of Armin Only album. The album captures the essence of all of Armin van Buuren‘s previous Armin Only shows and contains highlights as well as brand new music played during The Best of Armin Only. The album is also available in a special box, which includes four photo cards, a custom-made sound box and 56 pages of exclusive photo material in addition to the two CDs.


Night Shift Sound Release Northern Power House Vol. 2

Over the past two and a half years, Night Shift Sound has opted to harness an altogether more club-rooted, harder hitting sound (whilst their competition opted for more supposedly ‘deep’ and ‘tropical’ sounds).

As Summer 2017 approaches, amongst the standardly gully basslines and chunky 4/4 beats, a spattering of warmer synth tones and feature vocals (including Brendan ReillyDisclosure‘s live vocalist) assist with their continued unique take on house and garage sonics, as recognised by an ever growing line-up up of international radio supporters.

The Northern Power House compilation series offers an regular window into the minds of the Northern rave aficionados, via a 20-something track mix (ideal for a pre-rave, mid-workout or post-work day pick-up), featuring exclusive originals and remixes, new vocal versions and existing catalogue favourites, made up entirely of Night Shift Sound related content.

With the live-streamed launch event for Vol. 1 reaching over 10,000 viewers across ReformRadio‘s website and social media (whom the label does a fortnightly show for – recently tipped as ‘one of the top 20 radio stations in the world’ – Mixcloud). Announcements are soon to be revealed for the launch event of NPH Vol. 2, including special live guests.

Northern Power House Vol. 2 is available from 12th May via Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport and beyond, as an unmixed bundle and a 60 minute continuous DJ mix.


Spotify valued at $13 Billion ahead of stock market listing

Spotify valued at $13 Billion ahead of stock market listing ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Spotify has disrupted the way people consume music, and now the streaming platform will also be disrupting the stock market. It was announced yesterday via Reuters that Spotify could be the first major company to directly list itself on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) when it goes public later this year or early next year. According to Reuter’s sources, the company was most recently valued at $13 billion.

In a traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO), a company going public raises money by rolling out new shares to the market through an investment bank underwriter who sells and allocates those initial shares at a price based on investors’ responses. Being directly listed on the NYSE would provide investors with immediate access to purchasing existing shares of Spotify’s stock in the public marketplace, and would save Spotify from additional bank fees. As the first major company to carry out a direct listing on the NYSE, the success of Spotify’s IPO could change the way other major companies choose to take themselves public going forward. Pandora Media Inc. is the only other music streaming company that has gone public, and it’s shares are now selling below its initial public offering price.

What makes Spotify so attractive to investors is that the company profits from subscription fees instead of solely relying on advertising. Spotify currently has 50 million paying subscribers, which is roughly half of its user base. It also is estimated that Spotify has a 43% share of the music streaming market. They company was recently in the news for its licensing deal with Universal Music Group. Universal will only release new music to paying subscribers for the first two weeks, and it makes royalties dependent on the number of streams. This licensing agreement is groundbreaking for the music streaming industry, and time will tell if Spotify will strike up similar agreements with heavy hitters such as Warner Music Group and Sony.

Spotify has not publicly commented on the listing, but it is not often that the music industry and finance collide in such an impactful way. Investors and subscribers alike are curious to see what the outcome of Spotify’s listing will be.

Via: The Street, Reuters, Bloomberg View

Robert Miles’ classic ‘Children’ is well on its way to #1 on Beatport

Robert Miles’ classic ‘Children’ is well on its way to #1 on Beatport ile ilgili görsel sonucu

May 9 brought a huge loss to the dance world. Robert Miles, real name Roberto Conchina, passed away from stage 4 metastatic cancer at just 47 years old. Miles played a pivotal role in the ’90s for shaping modern trance and progressive house into what they are today with his melodically-emphasized, instrumental “dream” sound and more recently for his eclectic and far underrated Open Lab series. Many cite the Italian legend as their introduction into electronic music as a result of his widespread success and his music’s presence on radio airwaves.

Hours after his death, which shook trance fans world-wide, one of Facebook’s most dedicated trance forums called Trance Classics launched a campaign to bring Miles’ most cherished single “Children” to a number 1 spot on Beatport. At the time, the goal was to reach #1 on the Trance chart of the website, which was accomplished by May 13.

Since then, however, other companies such as Cream Ibiza and Ministry of Sound have hopped on board with the campaign idea, leading to “Children” reaching number 12 on the overall Beatport top 100 by morning of Monday, May 15. The campaign has now set the ambitious goal of reaching number 1 overall on Beatport, something we foresee in the near-future given “Children’s” immense gravity and influence over the dance world.

Robert Miles’ death brought a multitude of condolences and acknowledgement from artists from all spectrums of the dance sphere; from Sharam, to Tale Of Us, to JOYRDE. In addition, quite a few artists have been reported as ending their sets with “Children” this weekend as tribute. A pianist by the name of Paul Skelton also posted a tribute to the artist featuring both “Children” and his other famed single “Fable,” which has since gone viral.

Those touched by Robert Miles’ legacy can join the campaign on Facebook and take part by supporting “Children” on Beatport.

HOLY SHIP! announces back-to-back weekends for 2018


As 2017 reaches its halfway point, HOLY SHIP! has released the dates for its seventh annual sailings, to take place in January of 2018. Maintaining a reputation for surprise back-to-back sets on the ship deck, themed party nights that encourage the most outrageous of costumes, and leaving the weekend with a brand-new family, HARD Events pride themselves for throwing extraordinary parties at sea that rival any festival on land.

For two back-to-back weekends, January 6-10 and January 10-13, the luxurious Norwegian Epic cruise departs from Florida until its destination point in the Bahamas. As space on the ship is limited, returning HOLY SHIP attendees are rewarded for their loyalty by being given the first chance to book cabins for a short period of time from May 22 through May 26. First-time ticket-buyers will enter their name in a lottery for the chance to purchase tickets. 

The lottery opt-in period ends on May 26 at 11:59pm ET. Instructions on how to enter are available here