Night Shift Sound Release Northern Power House Vol. 2

Over the past two and a half years, Night Shift Sound has opted to harness an altogether more club-rooted, harder hitting sound (whilst their competition opted for more supposedly ‘deep’ and ‘tropical’ sounds).

As Summer 2017 approaches, amongst the standardly gully basslines and chunky 4/4 beats, a spattering of warmer synth tones and feature vocals (including Brendan ReillyDisclosure‘s live vocalist) assist with their continued unique take on house and garage sonics, as recognised by an ever growing line-up up of international radio supporters.

The Northern Power House compilation series offers an regular window into the minds of the Northern rave aficionados, via a 20-something track mix (ideal for a pre-rave, mid-workout or post-work day pick-up), featuring exclusive originals and remixes, new vocal versions and existing catalogue favourites, made up entirely of Night Shift Sound related content.

With the live-streamed launch event for Vol. 1 reaching over 10,000 viewers across ReformRadio‘s website and social media (whom the label does a fortnightly show for – recently tipped as ‘one of the top 20 radio stations in the world’ – Mixcloud). Announcements are soon to be revealed for the launch event of NPH Vol. 2, including special live guests.

Northern Power House Vol. 2 is available from 12th May via Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport and beyond, as an unmixed bundle and a 60 minute continuous DJ mix.



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