Robert Miles’ classic ‘Children’ is well on its way to #1 on Beatport

Robert Miles’ classic ‘Children’ is well on its way to #1 on Beatport ile ilgili görsel sonucu

May 9 brought a huge loss to the dance world. Robert Miles, real name Roberto Conchina, passed away from stage 4 metastatic cancer at just 47 years old. Miles played a pivotal role in the ’90s for shaping modern trance and progressive house into what they are today with his melodically-emphasized, instrumental “dream” sound and more recently for his eclectic and far underrated Open Lab series. Many cite the Italian legend as their introduction into electronic music as a result of his widespread success and his music’s presence on radio airwaves.

Hours after his death, which shook trance fans world-wide, one of Facebook’s most dedicated trance forums called Trance Classics launched a campaign to bring Miles’ most cherished single “Children” to a number 1 spot on Beatport. At the time, the goal was to reach #1 on the Trance chart of the website, which was accomplished by May 13.

Since then, however, other companies such as Cream Ibiza and Ministry of Sound have hopped on board with the campaign idea, leading to “Children” reaching number 12 on the overall Beatport top 100 by morning of Monday, May 15. The campaign has now set the ambitious goal of reaching number 1 overall on Beatport, something we foresee in the near-future given “Children’s” immense gravity and influence over the dance world.

Robert Miles’ death brought a multitude of condolences and acknowledgement from artists from all spectrums of the dance sphere; from Sharam, to Tale Of Us, to JOYRDE. In addition, quite a few artists have been reported as ending their sets with “Children” this weekend as tribute. A pianist by the name of Paul Skelton also posted a tribute to the artist featuring both “Children” and his other famed single “Fable,” which has since gone viral.

Those touched by Robert Miles’ legacy can join the campaign on Facebook and take part by supporting “Children” on Beatport.


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