Mahmut Orhan Returns To Ultra Records With New Single ‘Save Me’

mahmut orhan save me

Mahmut – ‘Save Me‘ – Making his return today from the hugely successful release of ‘Feel,’ Mahmut Orhan returns with his latest offering ‘Save Me‘ featuring Eneli. His last release ‘Feel,’ soared effortlessly online and garnered a placement in the Top 20 across iTunes Global Charts in 11 Countries. Once again staying true to his Balearic house vibes meets Middle Eastern influences, ‘Save Me‘ is a an eclectic mix of worldly elements from his own cultural experiences, featuring sweet vocals from Eneli. Hypnotic strings and a bouncy bass line make this summery tune easy to fall for.

Bursa-born, Mahmut Orhan got his feet wet in the dance world by remixing tracks from the 80s and 90s. After steadily gaining momentum with releases on multiple labels, he is now approaching the forefront of the global house community. The aforementioned ‘Feel,’ released by Ultra Records, is a strong display of his success. Orhan‘s artistry to date has received not only a number of official accolades, but also respectful nods from radio stations, tastemakers and bloggers.

Orhan‘s iconic sound is rooting itself deeply inside the conscious of the collective dance music community and its momentum isn’t showing signs of slowing down.




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