Flux Pavilion Releases Video for “Pull The Trigger” ft. Cammie Robinson

Before Flux Pavilion set off on his Around The World in 80 Raves Tour he released what has fast become a modern anthem – ‘Pull The Trigger’ feat. Cammie Robinson.

Download “Pull The Trigger”

The track is a behemoth on Spotify and it’s been one of the signature sing-along moments for the fans across all the tour dates. Today sees the launch of the official music video.

The official video is made up from a collection of bespoke animations from some of the most exciting digital designers on the planet. Appearing in the video are works from Matt Corbin, Falcao Lucas, Luis Aretuo, Popsicle Illusion, Hexeosis and Pi-Slices. The work was curated and directed by Popsicle Illusion with creative input and direction from Flux Pavilion.

The story sees Flux Pavilion recording the track with Cammie Robinson, where he is sucked into alternative reality and traveling through it in many guises and forms. There’s a surprise at the end that may answer a few questions, especially for those that have attended his recent shows  – enjoy!



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