Afrojack Brings Back His NLW Guise For Thumping “Around The World”

afrojack around the world

Afrojack – ‘Around The World‘ – Afrojack‘s never-ending quest to find the best dance music talent from across the world continues on his latest collaboration on his WALL Recordings label. Donning his mysterious NLW moniker and teaming up with two talented Russian acts, he’s created another undeniable slice of dancefloor mayhem.

Vocalist Chris Reeder recalls classic / Black Eyed Peas with his robotic rap after the intro sets the tone with thunderous kicks and bass tones and tribal clap/snare patterns. A dizzying snare build takes things into overdrive, dropping us into the lead section where the chunky bass combos meet a frenzied pitch-bending synth hook that bores directly into your cerebral cortex.

The bass goes lower still, with some serious sub pressure taking the track to a whole new level. A classic breakbeat pattern chops things up as the vocal comes back into play, and next an epic half-time kick and snare pattern. The icing on the cake comes in the form of a thunderous ‘90s-style ‘hoover’ synth that blasts into action from nowhere to add that final frantic layer of energy.

KIIDA have graced WALL Recordings a few times already, with Afrojack creating some hot edits of their tracks last year, with support coming from the likes of Martin Garrix and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Aspyer meanwhile impressed with a remix of Hailee Steinfeld, Grey ft. Zedd‘s ‘Starving‘ on Universal. To top an already impressive list of accolades, the duo has co-produced ‘Light My Body Up,’ David Guetta‘s new smash with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Two hot names for the future to keep your ears glued to!


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