DANGER, the enigmatic alter ego of Franck Rivoire, today releases a boldly innovative video for ’19:00’, a track taken from his debut studio album ‘太鼓’, out now on Rivoire’s own label, 1789 Records.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2007 with a dark sonic identity and a captivating masked performance persona to match, Danger has developed into a unique global phenomenon. With ‘19:00’ he delivers on the expectation of an expansive and provocative soundscape, using Tasha The Amazon’s sultry vocals to offset a steady, tribal drumbeat that gives a nod to the title of the album – ‘Taiko’, meaning percussion in Japanese.
The video for ’19:00′ provides us with visual representations of the interrelationship of nature and technology, childhood and adulthood, good and evil, darkness and light. At the centre of this visual dystopia is the idiosyncratic masked man, Danger himself. The dynamic camera action coupled with the beat-driven scene changes add to the sense of foreboding and drama found in the track.
Using his experience as a graphic designer and his long-standing fascination with anime, Danger and his 1789 team have created a stunningly obscure graphic world to compliment this single. By having a hand in making his own videos, graphics, costumes and artwork, Danger maintains creative control and ensures the intended themes are felt throughout all aspects of the album.
In support of the album release, Danger will be on tour in North America. Tickets are available here. Stay up to date with all new announcements via his socials.



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