Gunslinger Shapes Your Travels with “Journeyman”

Prepare your bags, space travelers. An odyssey awaits. The enigmatic Gunslinger is at it again, this time shaping your travels with “Journeyman,” a story-driven, soul-shaking track aptly named for its cinematic progression. The track opens with a galactic guitar solo, charting the way for a driving bassline, then a groovy topline before dissolving into ethereal synths and instrumental melodies.

Free Download “Journeyman”

Journeyman is a purely metaphysical experience, transporting the listener to a mysterious realm at once foreboding, enchanting, erogenous and provocative. Always the nemesis of the mainstream and formulaic, The Gunslinger pulls us time and again into a world where such music dare not tread. His last single, “Taking Back Time,” had nearly 1 million plays on Soundcloud in just three earth months. Where will Journeyman take us? The Gunslinger dares you to discover.



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