Jay Z 4:44

JAY-Z will release his first album since Magna Carta later this month

Someone with such an unassailable legacy as JAY-Z could walk away from making music and his place among the hip-hop greats would still be cemented. To the public eye, HOV has spent the last four years working primarily on his various business ventures including the embattled streaming service Tidal, but in fact he has been working on and off on new music for his new album, 4:44.

After several days of cryptic advertisements on television and posted around New York City, JAY-Z, has revealed that his new album 4:44 will be released on June 30 as a Tidal exclusive.

To go along with the announcement, JAY-Z, teased his new song “Adnis,” which appears to be a song written to his father.

It is also a big time of change for JAY-Z. Beyoncé reportedly had their twins over the weekend. He also decided to change his name slightly, bringing back the hyphen, which was dropped after Magna Carta and capitalizing his name in full for this album according to Pitchfork. So if you never dropped the hyphen, you are back in the right when it comes to spelling JAY-Z.

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